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Brand Identity and Brand Awareness Research Studies

Brand identity research encompasses several different types of research aimed at discovering the “identity” and value (to consumers) of a brand. In addition, many companies undertake studies to determine the extent to which a brand is expandable to include different types of products and services, or, stated another way, the extent to which a particular product or service “fits” the brand identity in the customer’s mind.

Brand awareness research involves measuring consumer awareness of your brand, often with a comparison of how your brand stacks up against other competitor brands.

Examples: Applied used a technique called AppliedBest ™ to determine the characteristics that best define the kind of company consumers would want to do business with. Following this study, we conducted a number of follow-up studies that assessed the brand’s perceived performance with respect to those important characteristics.

In another study, Applied investigated the “stretchability” of a brand by collecting consumer reactions to various new-product concepts.