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Donald L. Phipps, CEO and Founder                                 linkedin

Donald L. Phipps, CEO and Founder of Applied Marketing Research, has been conducting research and moderating focus groups for over two decades.

Prior to founding Applied Marketing Research in 1993, Mr. Phipps worked in corporate marketing, and this experience ensures a focus on action-oriented research projects; projects designed with solid marketing recommendations in mind.  Mr. Phipps’ expertise in both business and household qualitative and quantitative research studies is well documented and he has a thorough understanding of how information is used to solve marketing problems.  

Mr. Phipps is a certified focus group director, receiving a professional certificate from the Greeley Institute of Greeley, Colorado and has received advanced training from The Sharp en the Focus Institute of Londonderry, New Hampshire.  He has used three methods to conduct focus groups:  web-based focus groups, tele-focus groups (conducted using phone conferencing), and traditional in-person focus groups.  He also frequently conducts high-level corporate or business in-depth interviews.

Mr. Phipps quantitative experience is equally varied. He has conducted A&Us, customer segmentation, advertising awareness, choice modeling and product/pricing research studies.

Mr. Phipps received his undergraduate degree in Journalism magna cum laude from Boston University and his MBA, with marketing and research emphases, from the University of Kansas.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Business Marketing Association and is a member of the American Marketing Association.  He has published several articles in telecommunications and marketing research publications.

Applied’s moderator Donald L. Phipps combines B2B and B2C experience with research expertise to deliver a strong package of qualitative services.

Mr. Phipps has a worked for a wide array of industries, including:

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Mr. Phipps has worked in a variety of settings:

Mr. Phipps employs a variety of specialized techniques: