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Individual On-Site Video Interviews and Web-Based Ethnography

Applied has conducted on-site video interviews and web-based ethnography studies which seek to understand the emotional and rational reasons behind consumer choice by moving the interview out of a focus group facility and into a retail establishments, participant’s home or business.   Applied uses two methods:

Individual On-Site Video Interviews:  Participants are individually interviewed on video in a retail establishment, their homes or businesses.  Care is taken to show the area of interest to the client.  In a B2C setting, this might include the subject’s bathroom, kitchen, garage, backyard, garden, automobile etc. In a B2B setting, it might include the subject’s retail establishment, showroom, technology lab, repair shop, van/truck and other work environments.  In all cases, Applied attempts to show how and why a product is typically used or selected in a natural setting.

Web-Based Ethnography:  Applied extends ethnographic research into a web-based bulletin board large focus group setting.  The community (a 20-30 person B2B or B2C focus group community) is asked to respond to a series of tasks and exercises and these responses can use multimedia technology including text, videos, pictures, web links, and webcams.   Again, Applied attempts to show how a product is typically used in a natural setting.

Applied principal, Donald Phipps, conducts individual on-site video interviews and web-based ethnography. To see his background and experience click on the link below.

Link to Donald Phipps background and experience