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Product Development, Packaging and Concept Testing Studies

Although it is never fun to make a mistake, it is good to catch mistakes or to discover important improvements before taking the expensive steps of developing a new product or product extension. We conduct product development and product concept studies to determine the right mix of product features and pricing that will appeal to different important market segments.

We also look at product labeling and packaging using a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques.  For example, in focus groups, consumers are shown package concepts and asked to provide input on likes and dislikes and strengths and weaknesses.  Labeling is also discussed, with particular emphasis on making sure the features listed on the label or the ones that make sense to the consumer.


Using its AppliedChoice ™ technique, Applied helped a client design the ideal automotive aftermarket product.

Working with a client in the pet food industry, Applied helped develop a set of measures to assess the sales potential of new products or extensions of existing products.

Prior to introducing a new mobile phone, a client used Applied to place the products in the hands of real consumers and to gather their likes, dislikes and intent to purchase the product when introduced.

In an in-home usage test (IHUT) Applied worked with a client to test a new type of chemical pool cleaner.

In a series of focus groups, consumers were asked to provide their opinions on a set of packages and product family labeling.