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Mixed Method Surveys

Since each of the major data-collection methods has strengths and weaknesses with respect to reaching consumers of interest, Applied uses mixed method studies to take advantage of the strengths of two or more methods while avoiding the drawbacks of using a single method.

Mobile Smartphone and Internet – One type of mixed-method study uses web-based mobile smartphone and Internet questionnaires to elicit responses to a survey. With Applied’s “latest and greatest” survey software, we can program questionnaires for administration on the smartphone or on the Internet, and we allow respondents to select which is most convenient for them. In other studies, especially when it is difficult to find a good list of email addresses, we recruit respondents by phone to participate in an Internet survey.

Mail and Internet – Even though we conduct studies by mail, primarily for privacy reasons, some respondents would still prefer to complete the questionnaire online. Consequently, we often include a link to the survey in the questionnaire “cover letter” explaining how to complete the questionnaire online.