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Marketing Research Services

Depending on client needs and the client’s in-house research staff, Applied Marketing Research, Inc. can provide all or any of the following services:

Study Design

This is the most critical part of the marketing research process.  We work with our clients to ensure that we understand how the information will be used to make marketing decisions; we establish relevant research objectives based on those information needs; and we design projects that will meet the research objectives.

Read more about our types of studies.

We provide the following research services to meet your needs:

Data-Collection Design

Depending on the nature of the research objectives, we design the appropriate questionnaires or discussion guides for gathering the information needed for decision-making.

Data Security

All information provided or obtained by Applied is held in strictest confidence. We normally sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients. All electronic information is stored in-house on secure servers. All hard-copy information is held in secure storage facilities or shredded.

Project Management

Applied’s project managers will monitor the progress of the project to ensure that it is completed on time, on budget, and with the quality our clients expect.


In order to dig beneath the surface and determine what the results really mean, Applied uses a variety of simple and sophisticated analytical techniques. View our data analysis philosophy.

Reporting and Consulting

Applied Marketing Research, Inc. can provide reports ranging in depth from simple “toplines” and PowerPoint presentations to full management reports including detailed findings, an “executive summary” of the important findings, and our “conclusions and recommendations” based on the study results.