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Focus Groups and Executive In-Depth Interviews

Applied has conducted hundreds of focus groups and executive in-depth interviews for numerous clients. We conduct in-person, web-based or telephone focus groups and in-depth interviews.  

For in-person focus groups, Applied specializes in conducting shopping simulations.  This permits the participant to “shop” from a store shelf and select a product.  Once a selection is made, participants can be quizzed about their preferences and why they made certain selections.  Additionally, they can be quizzed about why they didn’t select a product.

For executive in-depth interviews, it’s important to determine selection criteria and opinions on competitors.  Usually questions center on the delivery of services or products, sales volume discounts, ease of doing business, market support, financing, and timeliness of deliveries.  Strengths and weaknesses of your product or service and those of your competitors are also discussed.

For web-based focus groups, Applied conducts web-based chat focus groups, web-based video focus groups and web-based bulletin board focus groups.  These types of groups permit the sharing of concepts, media, and communications with a diverse group of household or business consumers.  Probing can be facilitated by using PowerPoint presentations within the focus group platform.

We provide a moderator for your focus groups and an interviewer for your in-depth interviews, as well as making all recruiting and logistical arrangements with focus group facilities and web-based platforms.

Applied principal, Donald Phipps, moderates focus groups and conducts in-depth interviews.  To see his background and experience click on the link below.

Link to Donald Phipps background and experience.

Traditional Focus Group

Chat Based Focus Group


Executive In-Depth Interview