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AppliedBest™ Modeling

Which is best? Marketers and product managers often need to know the answer to this question. AppliedBest™ can provide the answer.

AppliedBest™ is a sophisticated research technique than can reveal what’s best and to what degree.  For example, you may discover not only that your customers prefer Product A over Product B, but with AppliedBest™ you may also learn that they prefer Product A several times more than Product B, or you may discover your customers prefer Product A only slightly more.  Why is this important?  For one, if it costs 10 times more to produce Product A, and if Product B is a “close second,” then perhaps your company should manufacture Product B instead of Product A.  There are key ROI considerations in marketing/product decisions, and AppliedBest™ can provide crucial insights to these considerations.

AppliedBest™ can be “applied” in a variety of settings, including:

  • Determine which advertisement is best
  • Determine which pictures are best to use in advertising or websites
  • Determine which positioning statements or claims are best
  • Determine which product package is best
  • Determine which product features are best
  • Determine which visual design is best
  • Determine which brand name or logo is best

Discover what an AppliedBest™ model can do for your company.  Call us at 1.800.381.5599 for a free consultation.