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In the fourth quarter of 2019, Applied Marketing Research, Inc., conducted a global “business to business” (B2B) research study on behalf of San Francisco-based data security firm Kensington.  To produce the study, Applied surveyed 400 IT leaders in eight countries who were involved in the procurement, specifying, or deciding of data protection products or services for their companies or organizations.  Additionally, these respondents had to have as their primary function or work in a department responsible for IT/Technical Operations, IT Security, Enterprise Risk/Compliance, Purchasing /Procurement for IT/Technical Operations, IT Security, or Enterprise Risk/Compliance.  The respondents were drawn from samples in the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, France, Germany and the Netherlands – 50 per country.  Applied authored the survey instrument and translated it where appropriate into native languages before administering it over the web.  On the back end, Applied compiled and analyzed the data, translated answers to open-ended questions, and produced the 2020 reference report used for a June 2020 Kensington white paper titled “Identifying the Gaps in Your Protection Plan.”

As the white paper states, “Key statistical information for this document was derived from the Kensington Global Data Protection Study (February 2020).  This study was independently conducted by Applied Marketing Research, Inc., and administered to 400 global IT leaders in their native language.  The study consisted of 50 respondents across eight geographic regions.  The primary objectives included identifying and addressing the most current data available on the primary concerns around data protection and security, the types of devices and percentage of devices protected or secured from theft/loss; the proportion of firms that have data protection and security policies in place, and the issues related to compliance with those policies; and the types of data security devices used by firms.”

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